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Keeping Your Wood Floors Safe During Your Next Party

With the summer going to end, you may want to celebrate one final time before the children return to school -- if that means to lower schools or off to college. Here are a few tips for keeping your timber flooring safe throughout your next celebration. Rugs Another idea would be to use rugs. Runners are a superb way to liven up your floor while still keeping the wood floors underneath the carpets safe. There will not be too many scratches left on the ground to manage, and when you don't need them you can just roll the rugs up and put them away until the next special event. Towels Late summer and early fall are often especially moist times of year. If you are aware that it is likely to rain set aside some towels for your guests. Keep the towels from the door so that you may greet anyone coming in with a fresh towel and a request to take their shoes off before they move deeper in the home. Cleaning You might be tempted to wax the floor before your celebration. After