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10 Moving Tips to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Scratch Free

Moving heavy furniture, like refrigerators, is never fun but it must be carried out. Unfortunately, if not executed properly, the flooring is occasionally scratched when moving these significant objects. Here at Brentford Floor Sanding, we get hardwood floor repair calls all the time. Next time you plan on moving something in your house, follow these hints:

1.) Clean It Up

The majority of the time, homeowners fully neglect to wash the flooring before transferring furniture. Yes we know, nobody enjoys cleaning the floors but it will save you some grief and probably some money in the long run. Little rocks or even dust may cause considerable amounts of damage to your floors if they're trapped between heavy furniture and the floor. Make sure to sweep your floors and remove this grit.

2.) Transfer Furniture Slowly

However significant the piece of furniture is, take your time when going it. Sliding off the cushioning remains a threat if you're moving it too fast. If you're pushing the furniture, then keep a close watch on the padding. If something sounds or feels off, stop what you're doing and assess for damages. If you notice any damage, immediately stop what you are doing so you may reduce the scratching.

3.) Do not Drag Furniture

Do your best to avoid dragging furniture. In case the object can be lifted and moved across the area, it's ideal to achieve that. Moving furniture is usually a team elevator and by this, we intend to request assistance from a friend, neighbor, or relative. Be very careful if you do choose to drag or slide it.

4.) Lighten the Load

Take off some weight! In case the thing is very heavy, see what attachments you may remove to make it as light as you can. By way of instance, if you're moving a dresser, remove the drawers or contents inside them.

Furthermore, when a mirror is attached, take some time to unscrew a couple screws to set the mirror apart. Removing these items will not only make the load lighter but will also prevent any part of the furniture out of slipping and developing a problem.

5.) Soften the Surface After Sliding

As mentioned before, always place something soft between the floor and the item. Folded towels, thick moving blankets, or even small area rugs are fantastic for moving functions. Just make sure that the fuzzy side is always faced towards the timber flooring.

Bear in mind, if you use the area rug or old carpeting, to shake them out before using. This will remove all of the grit and debris that could cause a problem later on.

6.) Try It on Its Side

If it is not too big or heavy, perhaps try putting the piece of furniture on its side or back. If the fabric lets, you can simply slide it. By distributing the weight over a larger place, the chances of scratching the surface area decrease. Now all you want to be concerned about is watching corners or legs to make sure they don't hit anything or so that you can lift it back up to its upright position. This option usually requires some aid.

7.) Get Some Gliders

Everybody who uses gliders immediately loves them. Gliders are particular pads that fit under your
furniture and make moving heavy items a breeze. You can find many different different sizes and they are all very affordable.

8.) Refrigerator Trick

Refrigerators are best known for their ability to scratch hardwood flooring. When installing a fridge, we suggest laying two pieces of hardboard just in front of where the rear wheels will be if it is in its final position, slide it into place on the boards, then carefully lean it backward to eliminate the boards.

9.) Don't Trust the Wheels

Be cautious if using wheels. They are excellent for fostering confidence. Just because a bit is on wheels, does not indicate those wheels won't dent or scratch your wood floors. These wheels can get stuck sideways and not turn easily. Should you still insist on using the wheels, you can put a bit of 1/4" thick hardboard on the floor and then roll the wheels .

10.) Do not Use Dollies with Hard Rubber Wheels

But before you load up anything on the dolly, make sure that the brakes are inflatable rubber wheels. Hard rubber wheels may in fact cause a good amount of damage to your floors when you take into consideration the weight of the item you're moving.

We expect by following these 10 suggestions you can keep your hardwood floors looking good! By chance, in the Event That You accidentally damage your wood floor, give us a call 020 3151 1940 Or schedule a complimentary consultation online.


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