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Why Replace Your Carpet with Engineered Oak Flooring?

Making the change from carpet to engineered bamboo floors may be a life changing move to update your property. A great deal of people may tell you wood flooring is far better than carpeting in every single way, but what would be the true reasons folks are making the change? If you feel as though your existing rug is looking nice, you might be wondering if you really must devote the money to replace it. These are only a couple reasons home owners these days are stating"Out with the old and in with the new!"
Easier to Clean

Among the main reasons to create the change from carpet to engineered oak flooring is that wood flooring is a lot easier to clean in every way. After only a couple of years of constant traffic on carpeting it will start to change colour and darken. It's possible to rent a costly carpet cleaner or greater a carpet cleaning service but that's simply money down the drain. If you've got a busy household, stains are a carpet's worst enemy and you are certain to get some. Depending on your house you might even need to replace the carpeting entirely multiple times on account of the stains from pets or children or just regular usage.

Wood flooring does not require that extensive of a cleanup. Should you spill something you only need to wipe it up. If it leaves a tiny sticky spot or stain all it requires is a little warm soap and water and the spots are gone. Pet hair is a breeze to clean too since it won't get trapped like it does in rugs. Carpets have a reputation for trapping additional dirt and detritus that engineered bamboo floors simply won't. This particulOverall, carpet simply does not match up to the greatness of timber flooring and there are many reasons, from functional to visual, to update. If you are unsure then just start with one room or a hallway and see how you enjoy it, but it's a safe bet it will not take long before you want to replace the floors in each room with engineered floors!arly important for those who suffer from allergies as carpet can trap dust, pet dander, and other allergens that will be easily sailed up from a hardwood flooring.

All-Around Appealing Look

Another reason to update to engineered oak flooring is it just looks better than carpeting. You can do much more with wood flooring than with carpet and have the opportunity to be your own designer. With different colors like red or white oak flooring, you can create incredible rooms and designs that will be breath-taking. Wood floors can go anywhere in the home with each place being its own distinctive space.

Carpet comes in roughly two design features: colour and feel, while hardwood flooring design features seem to be infinite. You even have the possibility to create designs within the floor itself adding much more of a pop to your room. Wooden floors have a timelessness to them, whereas particular styles and colours of carpet can quickly feel obsolete.


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